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Instructions & Tips & tricks

  • ​Stitch Length: industry standard is 2.5mm for general seams, however, for topstitching, a slightly longer stitch length of 3mm achieves a neater finish
  • When bagging out your mask use a pointed object such as the back of a paintbrush or the back of a spoon to push the corners into a rectangular shape. This makes a big difference regarding a neater finish. 
  • How not to distort your mask when ironing the pleats: Instead of ironing in the traditional method (i.e. pushing the iron across the fabric) just press the iron down onto the fabric without moving it, lift it up and repeat until all pleats are pressed into shape


We've made some CHANGES to the mask design which may not be reflected in the videos:

  • Our masks are now made with continuous length of elastic for top (400mm) and for bottom (350mm)

  • The pin method described in the video is intended for beginners. Once you've done it a few times you could pin the pleats in place with bulldog clips or 'just' pleat by eye and fix in place by pressing with the iron

Video links are due for update! Aiming to do so by Sat 25th July!!